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Riding a bike is one of the most popular forms of commuting and a favorite leisure activity throughout the state of Virginia. Enjoyed by people young and old, bicycling is a great way to get outside, spend time together as a family, commute in an environmentally friendly way, and of course, get some exercise.

However, despite how wonderful riding a bike may be, there is no doubt that bicycling can be dangerous, especially when done near highly trafficked areas. With hundreds of bicycling accidents occurring every year in Virginia, it is essential to know what to do if you are the victim of such a crash. At the law offices of Hampton Injury Law PLC, our legal team has been representing those harmed in bicycle accidents for more than two decades and can provide you with the competent representation you’re looking for.

You Are Entitled to Damages after a Bicycle Accident

When you are involved in a bicycle accident caused by the fault of another party, you are entitled to damages for the full value of losses you have suffered. Our law firm assists you in seeking compensation for your medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and other economic damages, as well as compensation for your noneconomic losses, such as pain, suffering, effect on activities of daily living, and disability. It is impossible to know how much your claim is worth without a thorough review, as there are many factors that could affect a settlement, including:

  • Whether or not you contributed to the accident (Virginia maintains pure contributory negligence laws, barring plaintiffs’ rights to recover when they contribute to their injuries);
  • The extent of pain and suffering you have experienced;
  • The severity of the accident;
  • The severity of the injuries you have suffered; and
  • The ability of your attorney to prove the liability of the defendant.

Who Is Liable for My Bicycle Accident?

When an accident occurs in Virginia, liability–i.e., legal responsibility, or who is responsible for paying for damages–depends upon fault. There are typically three potentially liable parties in a bicycle accident:

  • The driver of a motor vehicle. When a motor vehicle driver operates their car with recklessness, carelessness, or negligence, leading to a crash, the driver can be held liable for damages. Speeding, driving aggressively around a bicyclist, breaching traffic laws, texting while driving, and more are all examples of fault.
  • The bicycle rider. Sometimes, a bicyclist is responsible for causing a crash. This may occur when a bicyclist swerves between traffic, fails to yield, or otherwise fails to adhere to posted traffic laws.
  • The party responsible for road maintenance. Operators of motor vehicles or bicycles don’t always cause bicycle accidents; sometimes, they happen because of dangerous road defects, such as potholes.

In addition to the three parties above, a manufacturer of a bicycle or a car with a defective part that led to the crash could also be liable.

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If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you have rights. To learn more about your options and how to recover damages, please contact Hampton Injury Law PLC today for a free consultation with an experienced Virginia bicycle accident attorney. Our law firm is here to advocate for you!


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