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Poquoson Personal Injury AttorneyAn accident can happen at any time, even to the most careful driver. Another careless, inattentive or intoxicated driver can cause a crash in an instant and without warning. Even “minor” accidents can result in major problems, especially when you are dealing with an insurance company whose only interest in your difficulties is to close out your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. To an insurance adjuster, you are just a claim file and a number. They are trained to minimize the cost to the company for your claim. Insurance companies use computer software to evaluate claims. While that may work for estimating the cost to repair a vehicle, it is not a fair and reasonable way to measure a person’s pain, suffering and inconvenience. Human beings are not assembled like automobiles. Every person is a uniquely created individual.


An experienced attorney can make the difference between being a properly compensated victim and someone who becomes a victim a second time, when they sign a release and close their case before it can be evaluated by a professional trial advocate and experienced negotiator who knows more about its true value than an adjuster.


Mr. Hoen represents personal injury clients on a contingent fee basis. His representation agreement provides that the fee for cases which settle is 1/3 of the recovery. The fee for a recovery through litigation (a lawsuit) is 40%. The fee will be adjusted, if necessary, so that the client always receives more than the attorney fee and all bills and liens are paid. The client’s recovery is also non-taxable. All of our clients receive the services of an experienced trial attorney with a proven record of success who has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Our structure as a small firm provides better personal service than larger firms can offer.


Mr. Hoen is involved in multiple community organizations and the firm encourages clients to support their own church homes by matching client donations from our fee, up to 10%. We take pride in the fact that Hampton Injury Law serves only injury victims and never defendants, corporations or insurance companies.

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When the medical bills start piling up and you have yet to get a release from the doctor to go back to work after an injury, contact a Hampton personal injury lawyer to help get the compensation you are entitled to. Hampton Injury Law, PLC is dedicated to victims that have been injured in a car accident. Find out how we can help you.

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