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When a Virginia property owner fails to keep the premises safe for people who enter upon it, dangerous conditions can cause serious accidents. If you are hurt, there may be devastating consequences due to your injuries. There may be hefty bills for medical treatment, and you could be out of work for some time during your recovery. You may also experience significant pain and suffering, and your circumstances can cause strain on your personal relationships.

Fortunately, Virginia law allows you to seek financial recovery for your injuries, but pursuing the negligent property owner can be complex. Our skilled Hampton Roads premises liability attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC will fight for your rights, whether in settlement negotiations with a stingy insurance company or in court. We have been serving clients throughout Virginia for over thirty years, and we are dedicated to getting the compensation you deserve under the law.

Proving a Case Against Negligent Virginia Property Owners

Premises liability cases are based upon negligence, just like many other types of personal injury cases. Therefore, you must show that:

  • The property owner had an obligation to keep you safe upon the premises, a duty that is usually established by an owner’s express or implied invitation to enter upon the location. The obligation will apply to most owners and managers of retail stores, restaurants, parking garages, apartment buildings, office complexes, and related premises.
  • The property owner breached the duty of care by failing to take proper action regarding a dangerous condition. Examples might include failing to clean up a spill or remove an obstruction in an aisle. If it is impossible to immediately address a hazard, there may also be a breach of duty if the responsible party did not place warning signs.
  • The breach of duty led to the existence of a dangerous condition, causing the accident where you were injured.
  • Because of your injuries, you suffered losses in the form of legal damages for which you are entitled to compensation.

Another requirement in a premises liability case is based upon the Virginia statute of limitations. In most cases, you must file a lawsuit against the responsible party within two years after your accident, or you may be barred from seeking compensation for your losses in the future.

Pursuing a Negligent Property Owner for Compensation

The damages you may seek in a Virginia premises liability action are intended to compensate you for your losses, which may include:

  • Costs of medical treatment, including emergency care, surgery, physical therapy, and long-term care;
  • Lost wages, if you were unable to work because of your injuries;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Losses based upon how your injuries impact your personal relationships; and,
  • Other damages depending on your case.

Note that you will likely pursue the negligent property owner through an insurance company, which may attempt to settle your claim out of court. Our lawyers take on stingy insurers that offer low-ball amounts that are insufficient to cover your losses. However, we will take the battle to court if we cannot reach an appropriate settlement.

Discuss Your Claim with an Experienced Hampton Roads Premises Liability Attorney

For more information on premises liability cases in Virginia, please contact the attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC. We can schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. You can also check out our website to learn more about our personal injury services.


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