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Sometimes, potentially dangerous items and situations are not obvious. A glass jar can shatter, causing cuts and lacerations to one’s face; a car airbag can malfunction, resulting in spine, neck, and/or head injuries; or a toy that appears benign can conceal a dangerous choking hazard for young children. In each of these cases, any injuries that result from the dangerous product may be compensable through a product liability lawsuit.

A Virginia product liability lawsuit alleges that a dangerous defect existed with a product, and as a result of this defect, you or your loved one were injured. A successful product liability lawsuit can require expert testimony and the assistance of a dedicated and knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Types of Product Defects

A product that has one or more defects can be the subject of a product liability lawsuit if one of these defects caused your or your loved one’s injuries. A product may be rendered dangerous by a:

  • Design defect. This is a defect in which the way the product is designed to be produced makes the product unreasonably dangerous. There usually must be some other reasonable way for a product to be designed that would eliminate or reduce the dangerous characteristics of the product in order for compensation to be available because of a design defect;
  • Manufacturing defect. This type of defect occurs when the product that allegedly injured you or your loved one was not produced in accordance with its design. A successful product liability case based on a manufacturing defect proves that had the manufacturer exercised reasonable care, it would have determined that the product that injured you had not been manufactured according to its correct design and was in a dangerous condition when it left the manufacturer’s facility;
  • Labeling defect. This occurs when a manufacturer fails to properly label a product or otherwise alert a consumer about the dangerous properties of the product. For this reason, power tools and equipment, children’s toys, and many other potentially hazardous items must carry appropriate warning labels which sufficiently alert consumers how to use the product safely in order to avoid injury.

Establishing that a product is dangerous is not enough to warrant compensation; you generally must show that the manufacturer did not exercise reasonable care in attempting to detect, eliminate, fix, or warn consumers about the defect. This can require engineers, scientists, and/or other experts to testify in support of your case.

Can a Virginia Product Liability Attorney Truly Help?

Hampton Injury Law and Virginia product liability attorney Jan Hoen are dedicated to helping injury victims recover the compensation they need for their injuries following a dangerous product accident. Attorney Jan Hoen has the resources and knowledge necessary to conduct an efficient yet thorough evaluation of your case. He will fight aggressively for the compensation you need and will keep you apprised of what to expect every step of the way. Contact Hampton Injury Law today if you or a loved one have been injured by a dangerous product.


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