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Many US states categorize criminal offenses according to how they affect victims or society as a whole, so there is an entire category of crimes against property. Virginia’s criminal laws cover a wide range of property-related offenses, and they may be classified as felonies or misdemeanors based on the circumstances. If you were arrested, the penalties for a conviction could vary considerably. Most offenses include fines and the potential for jail time, while others could include a sentence of years behind bars.

Therefore, the key to avoiding harsh punishment is developing a strong defense strategy. The government has a heavy burden to prove guilt, and there are opportunities to fight for your rights at each stage of the criminal process. You can trust Hampton Injury Law PLC to tackle important legal tasks, so please contact us to set up a case evaluation. A Virginia property crimes attorney will advise you on specifics related to your case, but some basic information is helpful.

Types of Property Crimes

Because there are so many property-related offenses, it is useful to understand them in terms of some basic classifications. In general, a person could be arrested if they misappropriate something that belongs to another individual, which is considered petit or grand larceny in Virginia. Additional crimes against property include:

  • Robbery, i.e., larceny that involves the use of force;
  • Burglary, which is entering a structure with the intent to commit a criminal offense while inside;
  • Fraud, where a person uses deception to misappropriate property;
  • Embezzlement and converting property for the defendant’s own use;
  • Arson; and,
  • Computer crimes.

Important Points About Property Offenses

One of the most critical facts about these crimes is the punishment you face for a conviction. The charges are normally based on the value of the property that was misappropriated, as well as the factors that apply for specific property crimes. Petit larceny (also called petty larceny) is a Class 1 misdemeanor, for which a judge could sentence a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. However, crimes against property can reach the level of a Class 2 felony, which could lead to a sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

Timeline of a Criminal Case in Virginia

Hampton Injury Law PLC can assist with all aspects of a property offenses case to ensure the protection of your rights. You will benefit from skilled legal services when going through such stages as:

  • Arraignment, in which you will enter a plea and work out bond;
  • Pretrial activities, including court appearances, discovery, and depositions of witnesses;
  • Motion practice, where we may attempt to get the charges dismissed or raise evidence issues; and,
  • At trial, when we will attack the prosecutor’s case and present all defenses available in your case.

Note that, throughout these stages, it is possible to discuss plea bargaining with the prosecutor. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand the best option for a favorable outcome in your case. 

Contact a Virginia Property Crimes Lawyer About Defenses

It helps to review some background information about these offenses, but you can see how legal representation is critical. To learn about your rights and defenses, please contact Hampton Injury Law PLC to schedule a case evaluation with a skilled property crimes attorney.


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