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Traffic regulations exist to protect the safety of all road users, so violations can lead to penalties that affect you financially and could even impact your driving privileges. In general, you could receive a ticket or citation for any actions that violate the provisions of the Virginia Driver’s Manual. However, not all traffic offenses are treated the same. While some might involve a fine, others could lead to a driver’s license suspension, revocation, or jail time.

When you realize that the penalties are more serious than you expect, you can see how legal counsel is critical for violations of traffic laws. Hampton Injury Law PLC has the experience and knowledge to develop a strong defense strategy, so please contact us today. We can schedule a case evaluation with a Virginia traffic offenses attorney to review your case. Having some background knowledge of what to expect is also informative.

Penalties for Common Traffic Violations:

Failure to comply with many traffic laws will not rise to the level of a misdemeanor or felony, but a ticket could mean a fine. For example:

  • Speeding fines work by assessing a dollar value per mile over the limit.
  • For failure to comply with a traffic light, the fine is $100.
  • An illegal turn on red could carry a fine of $50.
  • Passing a stopped school bus may lead to a maximum fine of $250.

Virginia also imposes demerit points for traffic offenses, starting at three points for speeding one to nine miles over the limit. You might accumulate four points for higher speeds, and six points are assessed for reckless driving.

Additional Facts About Traffic Offenses

Though knowing the penalties for different violations is helpful, there are a few points to keep in mind. 

  • If you accumulate 12 points or more in 18 months, your license could be suspended.
  • In total, some points will remain on your driving record for 11 years or longer.
  • You may be required to complete a driver improvement clinic, which requires you to pay a fee in addition to fines and other court costs.
  • Some insurance companies use a points system for policyholders, and your rates may go up for multiple traffic violations.  

Legal Help with Traffic Cases

Many drivers assume that paying a fine is the most appropriate way to handle a ticket quickly. However, because every ticket adds to your points, defending each one is important. Plus, when a traffic offense rises to the level of a misdemeanor, you want to take advantage of all defense opportunities.

Retaining an attorney is crucial, and Hampton Injury Law PLC is dedicated to protecting your interests. We will determine how to present defenses, but it may be possible to resolve the charges by agreement with a reduced punishment.

Speak to a Virginia Traffic Offenses Lawyer About Your Options

Many people assume that accepting guilt and taking the punishment is appropriate because of the seemingly minor penalties. However, a proper defense is critical, and Hampton Injury Law PLC can assist with strategy. Please contact the firm today to set up a case evaluation with a skilled traffic offenses attorney who will advise you on your options.


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