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Truck Accidents

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Truck Accident The business world is full of all kinds of opportunities and activities. Every day in Royal Oak, people from every kind of business imaginable are communicating, negotiating, creating and buying and selling products, services and information. There is no end to the number of business deals and transactions that take place on a daily basis. Many of these deals go down without a hitch, as individuals and companies work together to come to agreements. However, there are also many situations where business deals don’t go as planned. In addition, there are all kinds of contract disputes, employee issues, liability claims and a myriad of other business related issues that can, and do, arise. It’s for that reason that having an experienced business litigation lawyer on your side is a smart idea.

Are Truck Accident Cases Similar to Car Accident Cases?

In one sense, a truck accident case is similar to a car accident case in that both require you, the injured plaintiff, to prove that the other driver – the defendant – operated his or her vehicle in a careless manner and, in doing so, caused your injuries. But this is where the similarities end. Truck accident cases can be much more complex and involve evidence that is not seen in car accident cases, such as:

  • The truck driver should have a medical certificate and a “log book” that indicates how long the driver had driven on any particular day; and
  • The truck usually has an onboard computer that records important measurements about the truck in the moments just before a crash.

All of these pieces of evidence can provide valuable clues about who is at fault in a truck accident – but all of this important evidence can be lost forever if steps are not taken quickly after a truck crash to preserve it.

This is why it is important to hire an experienced truck crash lawyer to represent you after you have been involved in a truck accident. Jan Hoen of Hampton Injury Law has successfully represented numerous clients injured in truck accident cases. He knows the evidence you need to win and how to obtain this evidence.

Why Should I Not Settle with the Trucking Company?

A trucking company whose driver crashes into you has one thing on its mind: its bottom line. They know that trials are usually expensive and they would prefer to settle your case quickly. This might not be in your best interest, however, because the settlement you receive may be far less than what you need to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Taking a settlement offer without first consulting with a truck accident attorney can prevent you from obtaining additional compensation if your injuries turn out to be more severe than you initially thought.

Work with an Experienced Virginia Truck Accident Attorney

Virginia truck accident lawyer Jan Hoen is prepared to fight to protect your legal rights. Contact Hampton Injury Law as soon as possible after a truck accident and allow attorney Jan Hoen to use his resources and experience to fight for you.

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