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Weapons Charges

Virginia Weapons Charges 

Like other US states, Virginia has enacted numerous statutory provisions on the ownership, possession, and use of firearms and other dangerous weapons. The legal issues are complex, especially since Virginia criminal laws on weapons charges are broad in terms of definitions and what constitutes an offense. Plus, with some crimes, you are not just facing jail time and fines for a conviction. If found guilty, there are collateral consequences and implications for your civil rights.

A solid defense is critical if you were arrested for weapons charges, and Hampton Injury Law PLC has the experience and skills to protect your rights. The prosecutor has a heavy burden to gain a conviction, so we help our clients develop a strategy to expose weaknesses. Please contact our office to schedule a case evaluation with a Virginia weapon charges attorney. Read on for some background information related to weapons charges.

Classifying Weapons Charges

As with other criminal offenses, you might gain a better understanding of these cases by learning how they are categorized. Multiple factors impact the nature of the offense and specific charges. 

  • Type of Weapon: Knives, firearms, clubs, and many other items may be considered deadly weapons under Virginia law. The focus is on whether the instrument could produce bodily harm or death through use, so the definition is expansive.
  • Status of the Defendant: Certain individuals are prohibited from possessing designated weapons, such as those with a prior felony conviction, a minor under 18 years old, or someone under an existing restraining order.
  • Type of Misconduct: Possession alone may be illegal based upon the two factors above, but there are other acts that are unlawful. Brandishing, shooting at a vehicle, and other illegal firings of a gun are examples.  

Criminal Punishment for a Conviction

Many weapons cases involve misdemeanor charges, in which the punishment could include up to a year in jail for a Class 1 misdemeanor. For a felony weapons offense, the minimum prison sentence is one year and increases based on the crime. A Class 4 felony conviction is punishable by 2 to 20 years of incarceration.

Why Legal Help is Essential for Weapons Charges

The criminal penalties alone should be convincing in terms of retaining a skilled defense attorney at Hampton Injury Law PLC for assistance. Plus, you should consider the following:

  • Besides punishment, you could face collateral consequences long after serving your sentence. You might have difficulties with employment since a conviction shows up in a background check.
  • The government is represented by an experienced prosecutor, so you can help level the playing field by retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney.
  • Virginia weapons laws change frequently, and you could find yourself facing charges for unintentional misconduct.

Trust a Virginia Weapons Charges Lawyer to Defend Your Rights 

Legal representation is essential when you are facing criminal charges, so rely on Hampton Injury Law PLC to assist with all tasks as necessary to defend your interests. To learn more about strategies, please contact us today. We can set up a case evaluation to review your situation and determine the next steps.


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