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Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accident Lawyers


ndustrial facilities may be critical for the overall economy and necessary for creating consumer goods, chemicals and substances that are used for a variety of purposes, and more, but industrial workers are often at an increased risk of harm when compared to other employees. Industrial plants and refineries are inherently dangerous, and when proper protocols are not established or followed, when employees are improperly trained, or when other acts of negligence occur, employees can suffer serious injuries.

At the office of Hampton Injury Law PLC, our experienced industrial accident attorney knows how to investigate your case and help you to recover damages for your losses. For help pursuing a workers’ compensation or third party liability claim after an industrial accident, call attorney Jan Hoen today.

Types of Industrial Accidents

There are many dangers that exist within an industrial facility, all of which can potentially cause harm to an employee. Indeed, in addition to the dangers that exist in multiple industry types, such as the risk of being caught in large machinery, suffering a slip and fall, being hit by a falling object, etc., industrial risks often also include:

  • Risk of plant explosion;
  • Plant fires;
  • Chemical exposure; and
  • Radiation exposure.

These accident and danger types can lead to serious injuries, including internal and external injuries, disease and illness, and even psychological injuries. Injuries may be severe enough that workers are prevented from returning to work or/and left with permanent disabilities.

Recovering Compensation after an Industrial Accident

The most common source of compensation for a worker who is injured in an industrial accident is workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance is available to nearly all workers who are injured while performing work-related duties, and provides compensation for all medical expenses, and a percentage of lost wages when an injured worker’s harm prevents them from coming to work. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance plan, and holds that in exchange for recovering compensation without having to prove the fault of an employer or other party, workers are barred from filing a lawsuit against an employer for damages.

However, injured workers may be able to bring forth a third party liability claim in the event that a third party was to blame for the industrial accident. For example, if an emergency exit door failed, preventing an employee from escaping when a fire was present, resulting in burn injuries, the manufacturer of the exit door may be held liable for the employee’s harm.

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