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Workplace Fatalities

Workplace Fatalities

road sign with danger representing workplace fatality attorney hampton VASome workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others. However, an increased risk of injury–which is common in industries such as the construction industry–does not mean that injury is inevitable, nor does it ever make a workplace fatality acceptable. Unfortunately, the state of Virginia has seen a rise in the number of workplace fatalities, raising more questions about what can be done to prevent fatalities, and the rights of surviving family members of the deceased. At the offices of Hampton Injury Law, Attorney Jan Hoen will aggressively advocate for you if you have lost a loved one in a workplace accident – contact our law firm today.

Top Causes of Workplace Fatalities

Most workplace fatalities that occur in Virginia affect workers in the construction industry, but all who work around heavy machinery, equipment, or dangerous materials and objects may be at an increased risk. The top causes of workplace fatalities are electrocution injuries, falls/falls from heights, being struck by an object, and becoming caught in or in between an object. Workplace vehicle accidents can also cause fatal injuries, as can unexpected accidents like explosions and fires.

Most workplace fatalities that occur are preventable, and many happen because a place of employment failed to have appropriate worker protections in place. For example, failing to meet safety standards for fall protections, scaffolding requirements, control of hazardous energy, electrical systems, and machinery and machinery guarding causes workplace deaths and worker injuries every year.

Liability for a Workplace Fatality

When a workplace fatality occurs, workers’ compensation, which is a no-fault benefit system, will pay surviving family members death benefits. Death benefits are designed to cover funeral and burial expenses, and may also provide family members with way replacement benefits.

In addition to filing a claim through the workers’ compensation system, however, surviving family members may also be able to bring forth a third-party liability claim to recover damages. Third party liability claims are viable when the worker’s death was the fault of a third party independent of the employer, such as an equipment manufacturer.

How Hampton Injury Law Can Help after a Workplace Fatality

If you are the surviving family member of a loved one who was killed in a workplace accident, there is nothing that can be done to fully compensate you for the loss you have suffered or undo the damage that has occurred. At the offices of Hampton Injury Law, experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney Jan Hoen can help you to understand your options for bringing forth a claim, and recovering the financial damages your family needs to support itself and continue moving forward.  To schedule a free consultation with Jan Hoen today, contact Hampton Injury Law online or by phone. Our attorney will work hard for you.

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