Checklist for Your Virginia Car Accident Journal

Checklist for Your Virginia Car Accident Journal

Checklist for Your Virginia Car Accident Journal

By Jan Hoen

While it is encouraging to hear that the total number of motor vehicle accidents decreased considerably from 2018, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ Traffic Crash Facts still reveals some disturbing statistics for 2019: 827 people were killed and another 65,708 were injured in collisions. You might be relieved to learn that you do have legal remedies if you were hurt in such an incident, including options to seek compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Your first priority after a crash should be retaining a Virginia car accident attorney who will navigate the complicated process of recovering monetary damages. However, you can gain an advantage in your case by doing your part to document your experiences. A journal can help with the recovery process since it guides your physicians in ongoing treatment. Your diary is also important for protecting your right to compensation, so make sure to include the following: 

Details of the Auto Crash

One of your first entries in your diary should be notes regarding how the collisions happened. Fault will be a key issue when you are filing a claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company, and it will be at the core of a possible lawsuit. You should include details on: 

  • The time, date, and location;
  • A drawing of the scene, with specifics on traffic signals, number of lanes, and whether the accident was at an intersection;
  • Your own driving maneuvers in the moments before the crash;
  • Weather and visibility conditions; and,
  • Any other details you can recall. 

Your Emergency or Urgent Medical Care

It is important to note the medical treatment you received immediately after the accident, whether you went to an emergency room, urgent care center, or your own doctor. As a practical matter, you should seek some type of care within 72 hours, but the same day is best.

Post-Accident Recovery

When you are seriously injured, it is likely that you will be going through recovery for several weeks or months. During this time, you should continue to make entries in your journal. Include information about your appointments, therapy sessions, and pain medications. Also, note your subjective experiences, such as your level of pain, physical limitations, impacts for your personal relationships, and emotional state.

Bonus Tips for Your Car Crash Journal

In addition to the above recommendations, some guidance may help with your post-accident diary:

  • Make journal entries frequently right after the crash, the most critical period regarding your pain and suffering.
  • During recovery, jot down some thoughts every few days or weekly.
  • Include subjective measurements to describe your pain and discomfort, such as a 1-10 scale.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Right Away 

By diligently taking notes and keeping a diary regarding your experiences after an auto crash, you are supporting your attorney’s efforts to get the highest compensation possible. Your journal helps refresh your memories down the road when you are filing an insurance claim or pursuing a negligent driver in court. For more information about how our team works to fight for your rights, please call Hampton Injury Law PLC. We can set up a case evaluation with a Virginia auto collision lawyer who will explain the legal process in more detail.

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