Car Accident Lawyer Near Jamestown

Car Accident Lawyer Near Jamestown

Car Accident Lawyer Near Jamestown

A man standing in front of a car crash making a call, representing how one can benefit from calling a Jamestown car crash lawyer.

Driving around for work, errands, and personal travel is such a daily routine for Jamestown motorists that it can be hard to remember that accidents are a shockingly common occurrence. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Crash Facts reveals that there were 976 automobile collisions in 2018, causing two fatalities and injuring another 756 people. As you can imagine, the losses for victims and their families can be considerable.

Fortunately, Virginia law provides you with legal remedies to recover monetary damages if you were hurt or lost a loved one. As with any matter that touches on your rights, it is wise to trust an attorney to advocate on your behalf during the claims process. Please contact Hampton Injury Law PLC to set up a case evaluation with a car accident lawyer near Jamestown to learn more about your options. An overview of the basic concepts may also be helpful.

Common Causes of Virginia Motor Vehicle Crashes

You probably will not be surprised to learn that most auto collisions occur because of driver error. However, you might find it interesting to understand how extensive carelessness can be on Virginia roadways. Some examples include:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Speeding in excess of the posted limit or traveling too fast for conditions;
  • Failure to yield right-of-way;
  • Improper lane changes;
  • Texting, talking, posting to social media, or other forms of cell phone use while behind the wheel;
  • Engaging in other types of distracted driving, such as eating, drinking, adjusting the radio; and,
  • Many more.

How Auto Crash Claims Work

In most accident cases, you will first need to file a claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company to pursue the compensation you require. You will likely be disappointed in the response, as you may receive a lowball counteroffer to settle, or your claim may be rejected entirely. Insurance companies are business, so it is typical for them to watch out for their own interests rather than yours. 

If the insurer refuses to settle for a reasonable amount, you will have to take your claim to court. Pursuing a lawsuit requires high-level legal experience and litigation skills, which is why retaining a knowledgeable Virginia car accident attorney is essential.

Compensation in Car Collision Cases

Regardless of whether you are working with an insurance company or fighting for your rights in court, the basis of your compensation is the same. Monetary damages are intended to put you in the same position as if the accident never happened. As a victim who has incurred losses in a car accident, you may be able to recover:

  • Medical costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional anguish; and,
  • Many other types of losses.

Trust a Virginia Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney to Protect Your Rights 

While this summary may be useful, it does not detail the complexities of insurance claims and filing a lawsuit after an auto crash. A car accident lawyer near Jamestown will fight to get the compensation you deserve, allowing you to recover from your injuries. For more information, please call Hampton Injury Law PLC to schedule a case evaluation today.


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