Newport News Truck Accident Lawyer

Newport News Truck Accident Lawyer

Newport News Truck Accident Lawyer

Winter highway accident with a semitruck, if suffering from injuries from an auto accident, contact experienced Newport truck accident lawyer.

Newport News may not be the most populous city in Virginia, but truck accidents are still a threat to motorists. In fact, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reported in 2017 that 75% of all accidents involving large trucks occur on nearby interstates like Interstate 64 and 664, which run through Newport News. The consequences for injured victims can be devastating, which is why retaining a Newport News truck accident lawyer is essential.

If you were hurt in a collision involving an 18-wheeler, box truck, delivery truck, or another large commercial vehicle, you do have rights under Virginia law. Mr. Hoen is an attorney with almost 30 years of experience representing victims of truck accidents, so he knows the intricacies of the relevant statutes and the tactics insurance companies use to deny your claim. Please contact Hampton Injury Law to set up a free case evaluation today.

Negligence is Usually a Factor

Accidents often happen because the truck operator made a mistake or exercised poor judgment while driving. In legal terms, this carelessness is called negligence, and you can recover compensation if you can prove four elements:

  • You must show that the driver had a duty to operate the vehicle safely;
  • You need to present evidence showing how the operator breached this legal obligation;
  • There must be a direct link between the breach and the accident that caused your injuries; and,
  • You must show the losses you suffered after getting hurt.

Virginia Truck Accidents are Highly Complex

Though the above elements may seem straightforward, there are certain factors that make truck collisions more complicated than a typical car accident.

  • Truck drivers are required to carry higher insurance coverage amounts, as the potential for catastrophic accidents is greater. As such, the insurer has a lot to lose. The company assigns these claims to its most experienced employees, who know the tactics for fighting your case.
  • There are usually multiple parties involved with a truck accident claim. In addition to the operator and insurance company, there may be a trucking company, syndicate, or partnership as the employer.
  • Your injuries are more likely to be extremely severe, considering the size of the truck compared to most passenger vehicles. Your medical costs will be higher, especially if you are temporarily or permanently disabled.

Recover Compensation for Your Losses

Despite the complications, a truck accident attorney can help you get the highest compensation available by law. You may be able to recover for:

  • Economic losses, like medical costs and lost wages; and,
  • Non-economic losses, including your pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and diminished quality of life.

Talk to a Newport News Truck Accident Lawyer for Free

For more information on your rights as the victim of a truck collision, please call Hampton Injury Law at (757) 838-1136 to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Hoen can review your circumstances and explain your legal options. You can also visit the firm’s website to learn more about how a Newport News truck accident lawyer is a valuable asset in recovering compensation for your losses.


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