Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers

Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers

Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured as a result of the negligent or intentional act of another, you may have some questions: Should you retain an attorney or fight the other party yourself? Does your claim have merit? How much is your case worth? How long is the claim process? Who is the right party to sue? If you decide to hire an attorney, how much will you pay in attorney fees? These are good questions to ask as this may be your first time having a personal injury claim. If you have been injured in an accident, the attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC can help you with your claim process and answer any questions you may have. 

Why Hampton Injury Law PLC is the Right Norfolk Personal Injury Law Firm for You

  • They offer free case evaluations and do not charge any fee until they get a settlement or verdict in your favor.
  • They have extensive experience handling all kinds of personal injury claims, including automobile accident claims, medical malpractice claims, workers’ compensation claims, and more.
  • They take their time to explain the claim process and available options to you, so you decide what is best for you. 
  • They will keep you informed throughout the claim process.
  • They have experience dealing with insurance companies and sometimes recover damages for their clients under multiple policies. 
  • If necessary, they will file a lawsuit on your behalf and conduct discovery which may uncover damning evidence against the other party and force them to settle. 

Types of Claims Hampton Injury Law PLC, Your Norfolk Personal  Injury Lawyers, May Handle for You

  • Premises liability claim against a property owner who leaves an unsafe condition on his property, causing you injury  as a result
  •  Medical malpractice claim against medical doctors and hospitals for failure to properly diagnose or treat an ailment
  • Automobile accident claims against a negligent driver or party whose action  causes you injury
  • Nursing homes injury claims for neglect or abuse
  • Dog bite claim against a dog owner who knows his dog  has violent tendencies
  • Product liability claim against manufacturers of products whose products causes you injury
  • Slip and falls
  • Burn injuries
  • Work-related injuries

What Damages Can You Recover for Your Personal Injury Claim?

Generally, the court will not give you a remedy you do not ask for. Neither will the insurance company. Whether a resolution is reached in a personal injury claim through a settlement or a verdict, the amount of damages recoverable is always proportional to your ability to prove your damages. In other words, two victims may suffer the same damages but have significantly different outcomes in their personal injury claims. Experienced attorneys like the attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC know what damages, including medical costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering, that you are entitled to and will work with you to provide the evidence required to support your claim. 

Contact Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers Today

The law provides a limited time within which personal injury claims may be filed. You may lose your right to damages if you fail to pursue your claim timely. If you have been injured in Norfolk as a result of the negligent or intentional act of another, contact the attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC and schedule a free case evaluation.


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