Portsmouth Personal Injury Attorney

Portsmouth Personal Injury Attorney

Portsmouth Personal Injury Attorney

Portsmouth is a coastal city with rich ancient history. Residents and tourists alike can experience the beauty of the city by visiting Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Naval Shipyard Museum, Old Towne Historic District, and more. Walking, biking, and driving are some good options to get around. Whether you are an employee going about your day or a tourist visiting Lightship Portsmouth Museum, you may become a victim of an accident necessitating medical care, time away from work, etc. If you suffer personal injury in Portsmouth, consider talking to the attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC to determine if you are entitled to some damages. 

A Liable Party May Assert Defenses to Your Personal Injury Claim in Portsmouth

Before you can successfully assert a personal injury claim against another party, you must prove that they failed in a duty they owed you and you suffered damages as a result. If you try to assert a claim against another party without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, the liable party may deny liability and wrongdoing by making the  following excuses:

  • Blaming  another party who may not have resources to pay for your damages
  • Denying that you suffered any damages
  • Asserting that your damages are not as severe as you say they are
  • Stating  your negligence contributed to your damages, so you should not be entitled to full damages
  • Claiming your work-related injury was not sustained in the course of your employment or that you were an independent contractor, negating your claim for damages
  • alleging your  damages is due to another cause like a pre-existing condition
  • Stating you did not bring your claim timely
  • Saying you knowingly assumed the risk that led to your damages
  • Presenting a waiver you signed prior to the injury that purports to release them from liability 

Hampton Injury Law PLC Can Help You With Your Claim

The attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC know the tricks defendants and their insurance companies use to deny liability or to offer significantly less than a claim is worth. Our attorneys know what evidence to bring in your favor to counter these defenses. They also know if there are exemptions to the law that make these defenses inapplicable to your circumstance. Having an experienced personal injury attorney advocating on your behalf can make all the difference in your claim.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Portsmouth Personal Injury Attorney Today

The attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC offer a free case evaluation where they can assess the details of your claim and tell you whether you have a valid claim. They only recover fees if they represent you in your personal injury claim and obtain a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf. If you have suffered personal injury in Portsmouth as a result of the negligent or intentional act or omission of another party, contact Hampton Injury Law PLC today. 


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