Train Accident Attorney in Hampton

Train Accident Attorney in Hampton

Train Accident Attorney in Hampton

Train accidents can occur in a variety of different ways, and they can cause injury to a variety of different victims. The Hampton Virginia train accident attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC are ready to assist anyone injured due to a train accident who wishes to pursue a legal claim against the party responsible to receive compensation for the harm they have suffered. 

Train accident attorneys work with clients who suffer injuries in many different circumstances and situations regarding trains, and they can range from bystanders to passengers on the train to pedestrians crossing the tracks. Whether you need to obtain a competent train accident attorney depends on the circumstances surrounding your injury and the train accident that caused it. 

Train Accident Incidents in Virginia

One of the most significant types of train accidents is highway-rail grade collisions, which occur when a vehicle is hit by a train at an intersection between a train track and a vehicular roadway. This is the most common type of train accident leading to injury that occurs in Virginia. According to Federal Railway Administration statistics, 2,125 highway-rail grade crossing collisions occurred in the United States in the year 2021. In Virginia alone, 51 of these collisions are accounted for. Virginia’s 51 collisions placed it 13th in the U.S. among states for train collisions at rail grade crossings.

As for train accidents occurring involving pedestrians on tracks, they are rarer, but they have occurred. Regardless, with all the railroad commuters and trains in the Virginia area, the chance to become an injured victim in a train accident. The chances of a train derailment in Virginia are similar to other parts of the country, which also presents the same dangers. Train derailments can cause injury to passengers, bystanders, and anyone in the vicinity – especially if the train is carrying explosive chemicals or flammable materials. Train collisions with cars are more frequent, and injured victims from these train accidents are more common in the Virginia area. 

According to statistics from the Federal Railway Administration, train accidents not involving highway-rail grade collisions totaled 26 for the year 2021. Of the causes, four were due to equipment failure on the train, two were due to weather, 15 were due to human activity occurring while individuals were traveling on or near the railroad tracks. Three accidents were caused by issues with the railroad track itself, and two are listed as caused by “miscellaneous.” Many of these accidents would give rise to liability on part of the train company or operator, due to the failure of the train company to maintain the tracks or equipment or failure to adequately warn individuals roaming near the tracks of the oncoming train. 

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No matter how you get in a train accident, if you are injured, you need to call the qualified and experienced Virginia train accidents attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC. We will ensure your claim gets full representation, so you recover all the compensation you are owed by the party responsible for your injurious train accident. Contact us today for a free consultation by visiting our website online.


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