Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Virginia Beach holds the Guinness Book of Records for the longest pleasure beach in the world.  With its pedestrian-friendly boardwalk,  scenic oceanfront, and 35 miles of coastline, Virginia Beach is a good attraction for tourists. With the influx of tourists comes increased risk of automobile accidents. Unfamiliarity with roads and alcohol consumption during vacation are likely reasons Virginia Beach has high incidents of motor vehicle accidents. According to reports, four out of five fatal crashes in September 2020 involved alcohol-related causes. This is only one of many ways you can suffer injuries in accidents.

Whether you reside in Virginia Beach or just visiting, if you suffer personal injuries in Virginia Beach, the attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC can help you hold the party who caused your injuries accountable.

What To Do If You Suffer a Personal Injury in Virginia Beach

The steps you take immediately after a motor vehicle accident, premises liability injury, dog bite, or other personal injury in Virginia Beach can affect whether you get compensation for your damages and how much you would recover. If, for example, you fail to exchange information with the party who caused you injury in an automobile accident, you may never be able to find them to recover your damages. If you sustain a personal injury, consider taking the following step:

  • If your injury is severe, call 911
  • If you can, document as much evidence as possible, including taking pictures and getting contact information of possible witnesses
  • Make a detailed note of what happened as the faintest ink is better than the strongest memory 
  • Seek medical attention
  • Contact a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer

What to Consider when Hiring Your Virginia Beach Injury Lawyer

The attorney you choose for your personal injury claim can affect the outcome of your case. If you suffer personal injury in Virginia Beach, whether as a local or a tourist, consider the following when hiring an attorney for your claim.

  • Verify the attorney is licensed with the Virginia State Bar. If you are a tourist, your out-of-state lawyer cannot represent you without limitation. 
  • Ensure they have experience handling the type of claim you have.
  • Read past client reviews to ensure the attorney’s communication style – for example, frequent updates, matches your expectation.
  • Determine if the attorney will require you to pay for certain costs like expert witnesses, or if the attorney only gets paid if a favorable result is obtained in your claim. 

Contact Hampton Injury Law PLC for Your Virginia Beach Personal Injury Claims

The attorneys at Hampton Injury Law PLC have an excellent track record obtaining favorable results for their personal injury clients. They do not charge attorney fees unless they obtain a settlement or favorable verdict on your behalf. Whether you are a resident or a tourist visiting Virginia Beach, if you have a personal injury claim, contact Hampton Injury Law PLC for a free case evaluation today.


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