The Importance of Getting Proper Medical Care After a Virginia Car Accident

The Importance of Getting Proper Medical Care After a Virginia Car Accident

The Importance of Getting Proper Medical Care After a Virginia Car Accident

By Jan Hoen

When you are exhausted, and in pain after being injured in a Virginia auto crash, you may think the best thing to do is to head home and get some rest. Going to the doctor might seem to be a hassle, especially when you think your injuries are minor. It seems easier to play “wait-and-see” for a couple of days, and then make an appointment with your own physician if you need it. What you may not realize is that it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately in the aftermath of a collision. Your Virginia car accident lawyer can explain the reasons in more detail, but they generally revolve around two important interests — your health and your rights in a motor vehicle crash claim.

Support Your Health and Well-Being

An auto collision has a huge, violent impact upon your body, so it is likely that you will experience some medical consequences. Some may be obvious, such as bleeding or unconsciousness; others are not visible, but can still be extremely harmful. You need to visit a health care provider to get an assessment of your medical condition and start the rehabilitation process. In some cases, you may even need to see a specialist, which means getting a prompt referral is key.

Protect Your Right to Compensation: The other reason to get proper medical care after a motor vehicle crash applies to an injury claim that you file with the responsible driver’s insurance company. Timing is everything to the insurer’s employee who is looking for grounds to deny your claim. Despite the fact that the Virginia statute of limitations is two years, you need to visit a health care provider to prove the nature and severity of your injuries to the claims adjuster. At the very latest, head to the doctor within 72 hours after the crash.

Additional Tips for Medical Care After an Auto Crash

For both health reasons and the implications for your claim, make sure to follow all of your doctor’s orders when you head home to recover. Plus, you should make a journal regarding how your car accident injuries affect your life. Include such details as:

  • Your level of pain, using a scale of 1–10;
  • All appointments with your doctor, treating physicians, and specialists;
  • Your limitations at work;
  • How your injuries have adverse consequences for your daily activities.

It is also important to note a tip regarding communications with the insurance company. Do not make any statements to an agent and avoid talking settlement – whether you have already filed a claim or not. Definitely decline any agreement and do not sign a release of your rights without first talking to a lawyer. 

The Next Step is Contacting a Virginia Car Accident Attorney  

Once you stabilize your injuries and get on the path to recovery, your next important task is scheduling an appointment with an experienced lawyer. To set up a case evaluation with a Virginia auto accident attorney, please call Hampton Injury Law, PLC. We can assist with your insurance claim and will fight to get the compensation you deserve.

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