Springtime Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Being Hit

Springtime Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Being Hit

Springtime Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Being Hit

By Jan Hoen

Pedestrian accidents are absolutely terrible, shocking the driver of the motor vehicle involved and often leaving them with lasting emotional scars, and potentially severely injuring or even killing the pedestrian. There is no doubt that both drivers and pedestrians definitely want to do whatever they can to avoid being involved in a collision.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents occur at a very high rate, with more than 1,600 pedestrian accidents reported in Virginia in 2017. As the weather warms up, more people decide to get outside  and travel by foot, which tends to mean an uptick in the number of collisions. Here are some things that both drivers and pedestrians can do to avoid a crash:

Pedestrians: How to Avoid Being Hit

For pedestrians, the key to avoiding a car accident is to be aware and walk defensively at all times. Do not assume that because you are properly crossing the roadway and have the right of way that a car will stop; do not assume that a driver sees you when they are backing up; and do not assume that because you are on the sidewalk, all will be okay. Drivers make errors, drive recklessly, and sometimes seriously injure or kill pedestrians who are walking lawfully.

In order to pay attention to your surroundings, put your phone away, and walk without music or a podcast playing. Keep your eyes on the road, and make eye contact with drivers before crossing. Of course, always follow traffic laws as well, such as yielding to other drivers when required. And if there is a sidewalk or a crosswalk available, use it.

How to Avoid Hitting a Pedestrian as a Driver

Most pedestrian accidents are caused by drivers’ errors. As a driver, you have a duty to operate your vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. This includes:

  • Putting distractions away;
  • Never using a handheld device when behind the wheel;
  • Slowing your speed when pedestrians are present and traveling the speed limit at other times;
  • Being courteous and yielding to pedestrians whenever possible; and
  • Never driving when fatigued, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired.

Hitting a pedestrian only takes a moment, and can occur whenever you look away from the road to attend to a child in your car, check a text, etc. before returning your gaze.

What to Do If Hit By a Car in Virginia

If you are hit by a car in Virginia, you have the right to bring forth an injury claim for your damages. In order to assist you throughout the process, it is strongly recommended that you contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

At the offices of Hampton Injury Law, we can help. Pedestrian accident attorney Jan Hoen has the experience your case deserves, and cares about the outcome of your case. For a free evaluation of your case with Mr. Hoen, call 757-838-1136 today, or send us a confidential message at your convenience.

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