Tips on How to Write a Car Accident Description

Tips on How to Write a Car Accident Description

Tips on How to Write a Car Accident Description

By Jan Hoen

Car accidents can happen through no fault of your own, resulting in serious personal injuries and property damages. You may be entitled to compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurer. One of the first steps is providing a written statement. Be aware that insurers can use this to either deny or downplay your claim. Our Virginia car accident lawyers at Hampton Injury Law, PLC. offer tips on how to write a car accident description. 

Use Caution in Describing a Virginia Car Accident to Insurers

Virginia is an at-fault insurance state. This means that when a car accident happens, rather than filing a claim through your own insurance policy, you are legally entitled to seek compensation from the driver responsible. 

Under the Virginia Code, you must report any type of crash resulting in personal injuries or property damages immediately to the police. You should also notify insurers involved as soon as possible, generally within days after a crash. One of their first steps will be to provide a written statement. As the information it contains could be used against you, our Virginia car accident lawyers offer these tips on how to write a car accident description: 

  • Do not downplay the accident: Even a minor crash could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, so avoid downplaying the situation in any way.
  • Do not admit any blame: Even admitting to being partially at fault can give the insurer reason to deny compensation. 
  • Avoid going into too many details: Keep your statement brief and to the point, and avoid being overly descriptive when it comes to the crash or your injuries. 
  • Avoid speculating on causes: Our investigations can determine exactly what happened and how the other driver is to blame.  

Speak to Our Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Before Providing Any Statements

The Insurance Information Institute (III) reveals that insurance companies make billions each year. One way they protect their profits is by avoiding payouts on claims. 

To protect yourself and get the maximum amount in a settlement, speak to our experienced Virginia car accident lawyers before giving any statements to insurers. Actions we can take on your behalf include the following: 

  • Evaluating your case and advising you on how state liability laws apply;
  • Conducting our own investigations and gathering the evidence needed to support your claim;
  • Communicating with the insurers on your behalf and negotiating the best possible settlement;
  • Taking your case to court if your insurance claim is denied or downplayed. 

Let Our Virginia Car Accident Lawyers Evaluate Your Case

At Hampton Injury Law, PLC, you can count on us to help you get the compensation you need to recover when car accidents happen. We can review your case, advise you on how state laws apply, and protect your rights in dealing with insurers. Before making any statements or accepting a settlement, contact our office and request a case evaluation with our Virginia car accident lawyers first. 

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