Top Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Virginia

Top Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Virginia

Top Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Virginia

By Jan Hoen

When you note the lack of protection and smaller profile of motorcycles, you can assume right away that motorcycle accidents are among the deadliest crashes on the road. Statistics from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Crash Facts report support this assumption and provide deeper insight. There were 1,960 motorcycle collisions in 2019, representing just 1.5% of all motor vehicle accidents. However, a whopping 82% of them were fatal or caused injury to at least one person. 

Many motorcycle crashes are preventable and are due to driver error, but riders can also be proactive in trying to prevent them. You can trust a Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer if you are involved in a collision and need legal help, but read on for some tips on avoiding them.

Obey Virginia Traffic Laws

You should always follow traffic rules no matter what vehicle you are driving, but this tip is even more important for motorcycle riders. You are vulnerable in a two-wheeled vehicle without a metal shell, surrounded by cars that significantly outweigh you. As such: 

  • Do not speed;
  • Never “lane split,” i.e., drive between lanes of traffic;
  • Always come to a complete stop on red; and,
  • Learn about the traffic laws that are specific to motorcycle riders. 

Never Drive While Impaired

This tip is associated with obeying state traffic laws, but it deserves its own bullet point. Do not get on your motorcycle if you have had anything to drink. Your reaction time slows and your physical capabilities suffer when impaired.

Always be Learning

Motorcycle riding is a specific skill that requires very detailed knowledge of how your vehicle operates, drives, and feels. It is for this reason and others that Virginia has strict regulations regarding the issuance of motorcycle licenses. You should never get so comfortable riding that you believe there is nothing left to learn, so participate in motorcycle safety courses periodically.

Always Drive Defensively

You cannot depend upon other motorists on the road to prevent motorcycle accidents, especially since many are not on the lookout for riders like you. Therefore, driving defensively is even more crucial when you are on your motorcycle. In this category, some tips include:

  • If the weather is bad, consider staying home. Rain creates slippery conditions, fog reduces visibility, and wind can have an effect on your ability to control your motorcycle.
  • Pay attention to when you are riding in the blind spot of another vehicle.
  • Always use turn signals to let other drivers know your intentions well in advance.
  • Drive with your headlights on 24/7 – not just at night. Motorists are more likely to spot you.
  • You know the importance of putting on a helmet, but it’s smart to wear other motorcycle gear as well. Make sure your vest, jacket, and pants are brightly colored, with reflective fabric.

Speak to a Virginia Motorcycle Accident Attorney About Your Remedies

 Unfortunately, you can do everything on this list to protect yourself, but fatal and injury-causing motorcycle crashes still occur with alarming frequency. If you were involved in an accident, it is important to have a motorcycle injury lawyer on your side to seek the monetary damages you deserve. To learn about your legal options, please call Hampton Injury Law PLC to schedule a case evaluation today.

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