Who is Liable in a Blind Spot Car Accident?

Who is Liable in a Blind Spot Car Accident?

Who is Liable in a Blind Spot Car Accident?

By Jan Hoen

According to The National Traffic Safety Administration, there are on average 840,000 blind spot accidents reported annually in the US. Of these 840,000 blind spot accidents, it’s determined that there are roughly 300 fatalities. Blindspot accidents are not limited to passenger vehicles as truck drivers and motorcyclists are also involved in this type of accident every year. 

If you have been involved in a blind spot accident, you might want to consider speaking with a Virginia auto accident attorney. Having an attorney from Hampton Injury Law PLC on your side can help you determine who is at fault. 

Should you want to learn more about who is liable for a blind spot accident, you have come to the right place. Our article will discuss liability in blind spot accidents and everything else you need to know. 

What Are The Common Causes Of Blind Spot Accidents?

You need to be aware of a few common causes for blind spot accidents as a driver. To learn more about the various common causes of blind spot accidents, have a look below. 

  • Reversing blind spot accidents: Reversing is one of the harder driver tasks you need to complete, and one of the reasons this task is difficult is because it creates blind spots. Often reversing into a parking spot at your home’s driveway can lead to a blind spot accident if you’re not constantly checking for other vehicles, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians. 
  • Merging blind spot accidents: Another common cause of blind spot accidents merging onto a highway. Usually, when you need to merge onto a highway, you will do so at an accelerated speed, and this can cause a blind spot accident.
  • Lane changes: Perhaps the most common cause of a blind spot accident is a lane change. When you’re changing lanes, it can be easy to miss checking your blindspots with your focus on getting into a different lane. 

Who Is Liable In A Blind Spot Vehicle Accident?

Determining liability in a blind spot accident can be incredibly difficult. In most blind spot accidents, the driver who was attempting to merge or change lanes will be the liable party. This is because the fault will be assigned to the person who had a blind spot. This is because it is the driver’s responsibility to know what is happening in their blind spots. 

However, this is not always the case as it will also depend on who violated traffic laws. If you want to prove that you were not at fault for your blind spot accident, you will need to prove that you were hit in your blind spot because of the other driver’s negligence. 

Stating that you had a blind spot is not a suitable defense against car accident liability. Often victims in a blind spot car accident will argue that a reasonable driver should have known what was going on in their blind spots so that they could have prevented the accident. Additionally, an investigation will be undertaken to determine liability if the fault could lie with two drivers who were merging or changing lanes simultaneously. 

How To Prove Liability In A Blind Spot Car Accident

Often if you want to prove that the blind spot accident was not your fault to recover damages, you will need to prove negligence. Essentially you need to prove that the blind spot accident occurred because of the other driver’s negligence. Besides needing to prove the four elements of negligence, you will need to provide the following:

  • Expert witness testimonies. 
  • Surveillance videos. 
  • Pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident that show the damage to the vehicles.
  • Testimonies from eyewitnesses. 
  • Pictures of the accident scene. 

Get In Contact With A Virginia Auto Accident Attorney Today To Discuss Your Lawsuit

If you have been involved in a blind spot accident, you need to consider speaking with a Virginia auto accident attorney. Since blind spot accidents can be difficult to navigate, the assistance of an attorney can help you prove liability and obtain compensation for your injuries. 

At Hampton Injury Law PLC, we have the necessary legal skills needed to help you determine liability for your blind spot accident. We will work alongside you to increase your chances of gaining a favorable case outcome. Contact us today to speak to one of our firm’s qualified auto accident attorneys.

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